Environment, ecology and ethos


We have been designed to live in symbiosis with our environment, when we do there is a healing that comes to our souls. In northern Uganda many children have been deeply traumatised by the greed of man’s ways.  We believe it is now time for them to experience the generosity of nature and the peace gained from working the land. This is why we have chosen a rural location in order to explore renewable forms of energy. We hope the village will be a model of the truth that sometimes the way back is also the way forward. We hope it will be somewhere people are drawn to for its sense of hope and natural light and a place where they will be able to work through the darkness caused by war.

Rural rhythms

We will be following the rhythms and routines of a rural community: rising early to feed animals; tending daily to the land; planting and harvesting crops. The idea is to train those living in the village in positive land management, as this will regenerate agricultural industries and help to supplement their income in the future. An emphasis on this way of life will also provide more stable communities for the children to reside in, as towns and cities are often places of further abuse and alienation to those who have been damaged by war.

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